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IP65 Waterproof Prison High Power Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Model NO.: HS-57DJ
Export Markets: China
Trademark: VECANO
Origin: ShenZhen
Description: This is professional high power mobile phone jammer for outdoor waterproof project, Block GSM CDMA 3G 4G 5G cellular phones, Also customized to Wi-Fi UHF VHF Signal Jammer which are currently presented on the market. Also is high power RF power Drone Jammer model with 6 to 8 antennas 4 cooling fan which bring us a strong jamming ability. 24/7 continuously working. And it can defend 100% drones UAVs, like Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, advanced, standard series, inspire series.

Technical Consultation

Product details introduction:


1. Output power total 300-400w, Use High gain omni antennas or 12-20dbi dual bands directional antennas, shielding 20-3000m, Still depends on the strength signal in given area.

2. Each unit can jam up to 6 or 8 frequency bands simultaneously, each frequency band is separate and with adjustable power from max to off (0),

3. 100% safe VSWR over protection (isolator) for each modular

4. Big aluminum alloy shell and cooling fans, not-stop to work

5. IP65 Design for outdoor installation, Secure design to avoid sabotage

Key technical specifications:

ChannelOutput PortFrequency rangeAverage out-putting power
1CDMA / GSM851-960 MHz47dbm / 50W
2DCS / PCS1805-1990MHz47dbm / 50W
33G2110-2170MHz47dbm / 50W
44G700 / 800700-803 / 738-821MHz47dbm / 50W
54G 26002500-2690MHz47dbm / 50W
65G3500/37003400-3800MHz47dbm / 50W
Option 75G600 / 5G1500617-698 / 1427-1518MHz47dbm / 50W
Option 8WIFI2.4G / 4G23002300-2500MHz47dbm / 50W
Power supply: AC adapter 50 to 60Hz, (AC110 or 240V to DC27V)
Dimension: (width, height, length) 510X450X240mm
Package Size: 65*55*35cm      N.W: 29kg       G.W:35kg (Not include antennas)
Total Power:300-400W      Shielding Radius: (20-200) meters@ Still depends on the signal strength
Warranty:  One year from delivery date.
Omni Directional Antenna:   Dimension: (length, width, height,): 900x 35 mm 
N.W:1Kg    Gains:5-10dbi      VSWR 1.5         H:360º   
Basic station Directional Antenna:   Dimension: (length, width, height,): 125x 25 x 8.5cm 
N.W:10Kg    Gains:12-20dbi      VSWR 1.5         H:60-90º      V:20-30º


1) Protection of prohibited areas, such as: prison, military management area, national strategic resources projects, nuclear industry facilities, airports, political regions and etc;

2) To prevent the leakage of information on the scene, such as: major criminal cases on-site, urban management law enforcement scene, an important security venues, political followers protection, large-scale performance rehearsal, archaeological excavation site, large groups event site;

3) To combat the use of unmanned aerial vehicles as a carrier of illegal activities, such as: transport / drug trafficking, smuggling, illegal goods or information transmission.

Package Contents: Jammer Host x 1, AC Plug x 1, antenna x8, 2 Meters Cable (Option).

OEM Customized Service: Silkscreen OEM service can be offered

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