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Teach you how to prevent malicious recording? "Recording blocker.

source:Industry News release time:2021-04-08 Article author:sznbone Popular:Prison Jamming system

  At present, with the development of recording technology and the popularization of recording equipment, especially mobile phones, voice recorders and other new recording equipment, more and more criminals use various equipment to conduct secret recording and eavesdropping activities, wantonly stealing and leaking personal privacy, Enterprise secrets, government secrets and even national security information have brought huge security risks to the information security of individuals, enterprises, government agencies, and our country.

4G/5G Signal Jammer (14 bands)

  Maybe you haven't realized the harm of information leakage and data loss, or you think your information is not so valuable and will not be used by others. But now, leaking secrets has undoubtedly become a common term. The outflow of information such as recordings on mobile phones not only easily reveals personal privacy, but may also encounter scams, which may seriously even endanger national security.

  You only need to turn on the switch button, and the anti-recorder will emit ultrasound that exceeds the threshold of human hearing and is harmless to humans. Using our self-developed ultrasound noise algorithm, the microphones in digital devices such as mobile phones and voice recorders will receive it. Prevent the influence of the recorder, thereby obliterating the sound of normal conversation in random noise, and the processing algorithm after recording is also difficult to restore, thus protecting the content of the conversation from being leaked from the source.

  The recording blocker is only effective for mobile phones and other digital products, and does not interfere with people. Because the human body does not receive ultrasonic waves, the mobile phone records all noise, but people cannot hear it, so it does not affect normal conversation and communication, and even cannot detect The recorder is working. The protection range of the recording jammer is similar to a cone-shaped space, the interference range is about 15 square meters, and the interference distance to most mobile phones and other digital products is more than 2 meters, which can form a safe space. In this space, there is no need to worry about being affected by others. For recording, the sound waves emitted by the recording blocker can only be received by mobile phones, voice recorders and other digital products but cannot be heard by humans. Compared with other recording blockers, there is no buzzing noise and can quietly guard the conversation environment. aware.

  When recording digital devices such as mobile phones, ultrasonic waves with random noise that human ears cannot perceive will be emitted. These noises are recorded into the digital device together with the sound of normal conversations, making the recorded audio invalid. For the recorded video The audio information also has the same interference effect. Because the noisy ultrasonic noise is randomly generated and cannot be restored, the audio after the interference cannot be restored, thus ensuring that the original information is not leaked and spread.

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