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In addition to price, what other factors should be considered when buying a signal jammer?

source:Industry News release time:2020-09-11 Article author:sznbone Popular:Prison Jamming system

Factors that should be considered in the selection of mobile phone signal jammer equipment:

The choice of mobile phone signal jammer is good for you. Don't trust any big brands. Price is not the main factor either. Whether the mobile phone signal jammer is qualified can be seen from the company's various certifications, materials used, and debugging processing technology. There are some basic requirements for the selection of a mobile phone signal jammer. If there is a formal company registration, whether there is a registered trademark, etc., you can ask the manufacturer to provide a mobile phone signal jammer debugging photo, internal structure photos, etc. are all to judge a mobile phone signal jammer Basic standards. From the debugging photos, it can be seen whether the frequency of a mobile phone signal jammer is square and there is clutter, whether the frequency debugging width power is qualified, is it true that there are 5 outputs in the 8 outputs outside, and it is found that many unscrupulous merchants in the market attract customers at low prices. In this way, through the above methods, at least it can be judged that it is not produced in small factories and small workshops, and the quality is relatively guaranteed.

How to compare the shielding device parameter function:

If you purchase a mobile phone signal jammer device, you can compare the parameters and functions of the debugging data to see if you can shield the CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/3G/4G mobile phone signal shielding in the whole frequency band. Whether each channel has sufficient power output, of course, the more channels output, the better the shielding effect. The world is vast, and the communication operators in each country are also different, and the network standards adopted in different regions are also different. For the customers themselves, they should know where we need to use the equipment and what effect we need to achieve, and find a professional equipment manufacturer to recommend suitable supporting equipment to you according to the place of use and the country of use.

At present, prices in the domestic shielding industry are still quite messy. By stealing beams and changing posts, using fakes, reducing power, false propaganda, etc., the price of the equipment is only a reference, not the more expensive the better. It is better to choose professional manufacturers that can provide long-term after-sales services. Sales are sometimes psychological, not products. The intrinsic value of itself.

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